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Hello Wholesale Partners...

Everything Mary prides itself in connect with many store owners, maintaining unique wholesale partnerships, and flexibility for order needs.

We're proud to personally handle each order from our office here in North West Arkansas. In growing the ways that Everything Mary creates storage and organization goods to make creatives' lives better, so too our distribution options are also growing!

We are excited to share that Everything Mary has partnered with E.E. Schenck and Checkers Distributors to make maximize simpler, accessible, and dependable reordering.

Do you frequently order inventory for your shop through E.E. Schenck? How about Checkers? - If so, you can order Everything Mary's Dealer Line products directly through your account.

"Can I still order directly through Everything Mary?"
+ Why yes, yes you can!

"Will I get better prices through my distributor?"
+ Not necessarily. We work hand-in-hand with both Checker and E.E. Schenck to get you the best and most reliable prices.

"Does this mean that ANYONE can buy EM's dealer line products"
+Nope! Our distribution partners are industry specialists, supplying business-to-business only. The Dealer Line products remain exclusive to store partners!

"When can I place an order through my preferred Distributor?"
+ For both E.E. Schenck and Checker, orders for Everything Mary are now available!

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